Host Europe Group helps SMEs prepare for new Generic Top Level Domain names


April 2013: Host Europe Group, the group behind the UK’s largest domain registrar 123-reg, today announced the launch of BrandFortress, a domain management service, targeted at SME’s.

Based on their wholesale domain platform, which was acquired in May 2012, BrandFortress delivers an easy Web 2.0 user interface and expert account management to SMEs, taking the headache out of owning, managing and renewing all their domain names. Customers also benefit from improved accountability with the inclusion of credit accounts, variable permission levels and extensive user controls.

“With company, brand and product names, SMEs usually find they need to register multiple domain names in many different extensions, to ensure they can adequately protect the key Intellectual Property they hold in their domain names”, said Matt Mansell, Head of Domain Strategy for the Host Europe Group.

Owning and managing domains is a significant challenge for any SME. With the launch of new gTLDs (Global Top Level Domains) and the current 260 ccTLD’s (country code Top Level Domains) that exist today (many with changing restrictions, evolving government policy or domains that are in “un-launched status”) this is not a task that can be ignored.

“Every business needs to protect their online reputation and the consequences of brand abuse are escalating. Couple that with the industry regulator’s pending launch of a further 1800+ new gTLD’s commencing this year, it is now more vital than ever for SME’s to execute a clear and intellectual approach to protect their domain portfolio”, Mansell added.

BrandFortress is based on the group’s stable and powerful wholesale product, now processing over 25,000 new domain registrations a week via more than 10 million API commands. The same platform has acquired more newly launched domain names for its customers than any other domain registrar worldwide in the past 5 years.

Host Europe Group is displaying BrandFortress at Internet World, in Earls Court 2, from 23rd-25th April at stand E5012.


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