Largest UK registrar secures 75% of all .uk domain registrations in first 24 hours


June 2014: 123-reg, the UK’s largest domain registrar, has declared the launch of .uk, the UK’s new country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), a success after it secured 38,000 registrations for the domain in the first 24 hours alone.

Registrations for .uk, have far surpassed the domain industry’s expectations, and with numbers continuing to climb, the registrar predicts that the streamlined domain will soon become the new standard for doing business online in the UK.

Matt Mansell, Group Managing Director of 123-reg’s parent company, Host Europe Group, said: “The industry saw 50,000 registrations for .uk in the first 24 hours, making it one of the fastest selling new domains on record. What’s more, Host Europe Group accounted for three registrations in every four. These figures should go a long way to dispel any doubt that .uk was the right way to go for the UK’s digital economy. It’s clear that .uk is something the digital community wanted, and we are pleased that we could play a significant role in making it happen and taking the new domain to market.

“All signs are incredibly encouraging, and we expect momentum to continue to build as awareness of the new ccTLD grows amongst businesses and consumers,” Mansell continued. “Having now seen the data, I feel confident in saying that .uk will very quickly reach the critical mass needed to replace as the new standard and default option for British consumers when surfing the Web – a change very much for the better.”

For more information about the just-launched .uk, and what it will mean for British businesses, please visit:

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