HEG’s Sign-Up.to launches new email marketing campaign editor


London, UK, July, 2015 – HEG is today announcing the launch of Sign-Up.to’s new fully responsive email marketing campaign editor. The new editor represents a major improvement in the way users of the Sign-Up.to platform can create their email marketing campaigns, allowing professional and consistent campaigns to be created faster and more easily. The email editor is fully responsive with mobile capabilities included as the foundation of the design process. With over 50% of email opens now being made on a mobile device, responsive design has become an essential part of the email campaign creation process.

This latest generation of Sign-Up.to’s email editor provides an improved level of consistency allowing users to create campaigns in just a few easy steps. The key benefits include:

  • Components: complete control over your design

In the past, for anyone without specialist HTML skills, pre-designed templates have been essential for creating email campaigns. Users now have the ability to drag and drop simple layout components, for example, blocks of content like text or graphics, anywhere they want them to appear in an email’s design. This allows complete control of how each section of every email will appear.

  • Themes: set your style

The difficulty of ensuring consistency in text sizes, fonts, background colours and the general ‘look and feel’ of emails is now a thing of the past. Creating a consistent theme for each email campaign is now quick and easy. The new editor has a variety of formatting controls which ensure that all email campaigns have a quality and consistency of style.

  • Importing text and graphics: simplified

Adding text and images to an email campaign layout has been simplified. Text can be added directly or cut and paste from external sources without the need to re-format, and images can be uploaded, manipulated and dropped into place directly within the editor.

“Creating professional, consistent and fully mobile responsive emails has never been easier,” commented Tony Kent, Marketing Manager, Sign-Up.to. “We’ve taken all of the familiar steps in email creation and re-designed them to be as quick and intuitive as possible. It’s a significant next step in the design and creation of email marketing communications and we’re really excited about releasing these new features to our customers.”

The new email editing features are a free software update and are available to all Sign-Up.to customers now.


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