Age no boundary for digital entrepreneurs says


4th July 2014: Entrepreneurs in the UK are said to be getting older following a recent survey published in the Financial Times. The survey highlights that record numbers of entrepreneurs are now aged 50 or older with a decline in those aged 18-25.

According to 123-reg, the UK’s largest domain registrar, these numbers are comparable to trends within its own business customer base. Comparing data from 2013 and 2014, the company saw a 3.6 per cent increase in customers aged 51-60. For the same period, those aged 18-25 fell from 18 per cent to 7 per cent of its overall customer base.

Furthermore, the company reports that the numbers of those who class themselves as self-employed has also risen significantly. In 2011, 39 per cent said they owned their own business, with this number now standing at 55 per cent, according to data from the company’s most recent survey earlier this month.

Commenting on the findings, Richard Winslow, Brand Manager for 123-reg said: “We have experienced a sharp increase in those looking to set up their own business since the global recession in 2008. In our own conversations with our customers we have seen a move away from forced entrepreneurship to individuals actively looking to set up a new business – something which is very healthy for the UK economy.

“Whilst positive, it is also vital that aspiring businesses create a digital footprint. The fact is that setting up a website is actually straightforward and doesn’t require a great deal of technical understanding. As a business that hosts over one million websites, we are perfectly placed to help those people looking to set up a business, whatever their age,” he concluded.



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